About the Raleigh Web Designer

Designing websites is my passion, and I founded Addicott Web because I wanted to share that passion by helping others create websites that look great, are highly usable, and connect with their audiences.

Many people don’t realize the hard work that goes into a successful website design. There’s a lot of attention to detail that I put into my websites:

  • Attention to usability, accessibility, SEO, colors, design elements, and more
  • Attention to who the client is, who their audience is, and how their website can bridge that gap
  • Attention to how the content is written, and whether it really speaks to visitors
  • Attention to the ways people use websites, and how a good design can lead them to take action

I try to educate those clients about how my attention to detail can truly benefit what they’re trying to accomplish. That’s why I enjoy writing about websites on my blog, and it’s why I enjoy talking about websites with anyone who asks.

My Web Design Background

I’ve worked with websites professionally since 2001. My web design skills emerged in the late 1990s as the reach of the Internet was quickly expanding. My first exposure to HTML came when I took a course on the fundamentals of web design during my freshman year of college. I had always had an interest in graphic and page layout, so web design seemed like a natural extension of that. Pretty soon I was working on websites for various student organizations, which ultimately led to my first professional experience with them.

I’m proud that all my website knowledge and experience has been self-taught. Everything that I’ve learned and know about websites has come from observing websites in action; reading about website concepts and design; talking about websites with other people; writing about websites on my blog; and continually trying to learn more with each project that I work on.

And that’s why when you hire Addicott Web, you’re getting the very best that you can get for your money. It takes someone who really has a passion for websites to deliver a great product and great service to you.

I hope you’ll let us share our passion with you – contact us today to hire us for your next project!


Our Process

We use a step-by-step process in order to effectively manage the creation of a new website from start to finish.

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We include a lot of features in all our websites – see what is in our Basic and Premium packages that we offer.

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Customer Service

We take pride in the customer service that we provide to clients throughout the course of our professional relationship.

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