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Design Drop-Down Menus According to the “3 W’s”

Drop-down menus are one of those “love ’em or hate ’em” elements in web design. Many designers or developers shy away from using them, and I used to be no exception to that. As I’m learning more about them though, I’m coming to embrace them – as long as they meet my “3 W’s” criteria.

Lower Literacy Users and Your Website’s Usability

We all know that different types of people use and read websites differently. Most of the time when you think of who the target audience is, the answers are in broad demographic categories: gender, age, people who have an interest in this particular topic, etc. Add to that category higher vs. lower literacy users.

Last Things I Do Before Launching a Website

Launching a website can be a very exciting, yet frantic, time for both my clients and myself. With the end of the project in sight, it’s easy to forget to do some of the basic things that can greatly affect the initial success of the new website. Here is my list of what I do Continue Reading »

Placing Sidebars: Do You Lean to the Right or the Left?

To most people, where the sidebar navigation is on a website seem like something pretty insignificant. Chances are if you’re an average website user, it’s not something you give much thought to. But in the web design world, it’s something of greater interest, and it brings up some larger ideas about how people look at Continue Reading »