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Our Web Design Process

Web design involves more than just having the technical skills to build a website. It involves helping you communicate what your business or organization is about to your audience. So if we don’t know all about you, how can we create the great website you’re looking for?

We use the following standard process in order to effectively manage the creation of a client’s website from start to finish. This process consists of a number of phases, which are as follows:

Phase & Description Deliverable(s)
Contract – Agreeing of terms, signing of contract, and down payment. Signed contract, Down payment
Content – Consultation and conversations with your staff about content outlines, the content that is being planned for, and additional content considerations that the site calls for. Full content sitemap indicating how the content will be organized on the website
Design – Preparation of full-color mockups of the website templates. These mockups will give you an understanding of the design that is being proposed for the new site. One (1) set of full-color mockups; Feedback from your team
Design Feedback – After the mockups have been submitted to you for approval, this is when you have the opportunity to submit any feedback about them. Your input is important at this stage and can be given on anything in them – organization of the templates; design features; color scheme; fonts; overall look and feel; etc. Feedback from your team; Revisions to design mockups (if needed)
Development – Once you have provided feedback on the design mockups and approval to continue, the web site will be physically built on the server. Content and functionality will be added, and any additional content needs not already discussed in the Content/Discovery Phase will be brought to your attention. Website built on server
Site Feedback – Once the website is built on the server, you will be provided with the URL and password to use in order to access it and test the functionality. You will be able to provide feedback on what you see, and all of the input gathered during this phase will be incorporated.* Feedback from your team
Launch – Once your feedback has been incorporated and final approval has been given, this is when the website will be taken live. Fully functioning website
Followup – When any additional changes that were missed in the feedback phase, as well as any minor tweaks, will be corrected. Any troubleshooting will also be completed during this phase as well. Feedback from your team; Support provided and changes made

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