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Why Your Content Needs Intro Text In It

Introductory text is often one of the first things that users skip when looking at content on a website. Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t ignore it altogether when writing your content. It can have some important usability benefits, and it might get read more than you think.

10 Tips for Improving Your Titles and Sub-Headers

As web content writers, we work hard on what we write and hope that people read every word of it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. Most people tend to scan content on a website rather than read it, which is why it’s so important to use effective titles and sub-headers on your website.

Your Website’s Call-to-Action is Its Central Purpose

Say a new visitor to your website finds you through a search engine. They’re impressed with your content, which was written to get their attention. They like your professional design, which establishes that you’re a trustworthy brand. So then what? Give them a call-to-action and tell them what they should do, that’s what!

How Visitors Assess Your Website’s Credibility

New visitors to the website of a small business look for one thing in particular when they’re looking at the website for the first timet. This thing is so important, in fact, that if it’s not there, all hopes for getting them to participate in some transaction of information with you can be thrown out Continue Reading »

9 Ways to Make Your Links More Effective

Links are one of the most fundamental building blocks of successful content on your website, yet many people create them – knowingly or unknowingly – in ways that decrease their effectiveness. Here are some tips that you can use when writing links within your content that can help improve their overall usability.

Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog

WordPress was originally intended, and is still widely used as, a blog tool, so it’s no surprise to me when clients who I’ve built WordPress websites for ask me about blogging on their new website. I always reply that I think it’s a great idea to do so, and that incorporating a blog can have Continue Reading »

Last Things I Do Before Launching a Website

Launching a website can be a very exciting, yet frantic, time for both my clients and myself. With the end of the project in sight, it’s easy to forget to do some of the basic things that can greatly affect the initial success of the new website. Here is my list of what I do Continue Reading »

4 Reasons to Avoid Using ‘Click Here’ in Link Text

Usability is always a concern of web designers, but when it comes to web content writers, that’s not always the case. There’s no better example of this than the continued use of “click here” in link text. Here are 4 reasons why you should avoid using “click here” when writing the links in your content.

To PDF or Not to PDF – That is the Question

Linking to PDF files on the web is an interesting issue in the web usability and accessibility world. It’s something I’ve come across more in my full-time job than with my Addicott Web clients, but it’s still worth taking a look at here.