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WordPress Multisite Networks

Do you need a network of websites, with a central way to manage them all? WordPress Multisite may be exactly what you need!

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With WordPress Multisite (also known as WordPress MU), it’s as easy to create a hundred blogs as it is to create a single one. With just a little additional configuration to your existing WordPress installation, we can easily create a network of websites for you.

Each site in your network can have different features, content, users, functionality, dashboards, and even a unique domain name. They can all be administered through a single WordPress dashboard by your network administrators.

When we set up a WordPress MU network for you, we’ll customize it to to meet your needs, including:

  • Creating the network of sites
  • Mapping domains
  • Installing plugins
  • Creating users
  • Assigning access privileges
  • Setting up super-user/network administrator access

Particularly for website administrators, a WordPress Multisite network will let you work more efficiently by:

  • Saving time my managing a number of sites through one dashboard
  • Installing themes, plugins, and updates once for the entire network
  • Creating sub-domains or map them to regular domains
  • Posting content to all of your networked blogs simultaneously
  • Managing client sites and control what they have access to

We can also train you or your team on how to use and maximize a WordPress Multisite network once your website is ready.

If you think that a WordPress Multisite network would be ideal for you, contact us for an estimate today!

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